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Students Present at Ethnomusicology Conference

April 1, 2019

Communications Staff

 a smiling professor surrounded by three students
From left, Lauren Brown, Catherine Lytle, Jennifer Fraser, and Gabriela Linares.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Fraser

Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology Jennifer Fraser accompanied three students, Lauren Brown, Gabriela Linares, and Catherine Lytle, to the Midwest Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology 2019 conference March 22-24 in Dayton, Ohio.

Lytle, an honors student in musical studies, presented a paper titled ‘‘Memories of Silence: Music and Privilege in Communist Czechoslovakia,’’ while Lauren Brown, a senior musical studies major, presented ‘‘Indie Music Distribution in Cape Town, South Africa.’’ Christian James, a 2014 graduate in composition and ethnomusicology, presented ‘‘Song Repertories, Social Movements, and the Institutional Goals of a Southern Indiana Church.’’ James is now a graduate student at Indiana University.

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