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Oberlin Vies for Popular Vote in Earth Month Video Competition

April 3, 2013

Communications Staff

OBERLIN, OH—Oberlin College will be recognized this month as one of 20 colleges and universities nationwide that exemplify the mission of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) to re-stabilize the earth’s climate through education, research, and community engagement.

The “Celebrating Sustainability” series highlights the sustainability initiatives of finalists for the 2013 Second Nature Climate Leadership Awards. Second Nature, a national nonprofit that works to create a healthy, just, and sustainable society by transforming higher education, will formally recognize Oberlin on the ACUPCC and Second Nature websites on April 10.

In tandem with the series, Oberlin is vying for the top spot in a public video voting competition. Oberlin has produced a video that promotes the campus’s sustainability initiatives, and viewers will have the opportunity to vote for the most innovative and groundbreaking institution. Voting takes place throughout April in partnership with Planet Forward: Voting is permitted once every 24 hours.

As signers of the Clinton Foundation Climate Positive Development Program, the city and college are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions below zero by 2050 and 2025, respectively.

“Oberlin College is leading the way on synergistic approaches between local government and higher education systems by signing on to the Clinton Foundation Climate Positive Development Program, putting their minds to going beyond neutrality and emerging climate positive,” said David Hales, president of Second Nature. “This kind of cross-sector collaboration is at the heart of impactful climate leadership.”

“Oberlin has been and continues to be a pioneer in the movement toward a sustainable future,” says Bridget Flynn, Oberlin’s sustainability fellow. “This video highlights just how widespread sustainability is at Oberlin—from green buildings to student-led reuse and recycling initiatives; from solar power to energy monitoring and research. Oberlin’s commitment to sustainability initiatives isn’t just secluded to one office or a solar array project. It is truly a community-wide engagement.”

About Second Nature
Second Nature works to create a healthy, just, and sustainable society beginning with the transformation of higher education. Second Nature is the support organization of the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). Learn more about Second Nature at:

About the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment
The ACUPCC is an intensive partnership among more than 650 colleges and universities to accelerate the education, research, and community engagement to equip society to re-stabilize the earth's climate while setting an example by eliminating net greenhouse gas emissions from their own operations. Learn more at:

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