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This Week in Photos: Listening, bell

March 16, 2022

Yvonne Gay

A woman holds her hand to her ear as if trying to listen.
Eboni Johnson, outreach and programming librarian, holds a hand to her ear.
Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal ’23

Eboni Johnson, outreach and programming librarian, holds a hand to her ear as a student across the room reads literature written by bell hooks. The public read-in at Mudd Center’s academic commons  honors this prolific writter during  Women’s History Month. It also serves as inspiration for this week’s photo series.

A group of people listen to a student read a book in a library
Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal ’23

With books in hand, members of the Oberlin community gathered near the Reading Girl, and listened intently as their peers shared their favorite passages by hooks, and discussed the impact of those passages on their lives, work, scholarship, and activism.

Before her six-year tenure as associate professor in English and women’s studies began at Oberlin in 1988, hooks published a collection of poetry—And There We Wept—and a book on femenist history called Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism. She would later lend her hand to more than 30 works, including children’s books, literary criticism, poetry, and self-help literature. Among her acknowledgements, hooks was recognized as one of the most influential women of the past century by TIME in 2020. She died in December 2021.

See more photos from the read-in on Oberlin’s Flickr page.

Next, we join students at the Welcome Nursing Home in Oberlin, listen and learn from guest Kyle Kidd at the Cat in the Cream, get swept away by the Oberlin Orchestra featuring professor Francesca dePasquale, get rhythm at the senior dance concert, and end with an Community Music School recital.

A student and elder woman watch TV together.
Students spend time with residents and work with staff at the Welcome Nursing Home in Oberlin. Photo credit: Clarissa Heart ’20
Two people talk on a stage.
Artist Kyle Kidd is welcomed to the Cat in the Cream stage as a part of My Name Is My Own. MNIMO provides institutional support to Oberlin communities that identify as queer and of color in the broadest senses of those words. The program includes public lectures, film screenings, artistic and activist performances. Photo credit: Christy Chen ’22
A woman plays the violin in front of an orchestra.
The Oberlin Orchestra performs under the direction of conductor Raphael Jiménez featuring Assistant Professor of Violin Francesca dePasquale. Photo credit: Clarissa Heart ’20
A group of students dance in front of a large aduience.
Members of the Oberlin community celebrate the artistic growth and original choreography of graduating seniors. The concert featured Analise LaRiviere's Au Milieu and Jewel Cameron's Dance Stories. Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal '23
Children sing in front of a church.
More than 25 Community Music School (CMS) students gave a concert featuring underrepresented composers. CMS students (who ranged from toddlers to teenagers) were accompanied by two Oberlin Conservatory of Music students on guitar and piano and nine CMS faculty members who performed both solo and accompanimental works. Photo credit: Clarissa Heart ’20

This Week in Photos is a selection of images and is not meant to represent a weekly timeline. Images highlight campus, community, people, and events related to Oberlin College.

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