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July 28, 2014

Communications Staff

Photograph of a woman holding a piece of artwork and smiling.
Fulbright Scholarship: Dessane Cassell ’14, an art history major with a minor in Africana studies. Cassell has been awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in South Africa.
Photo credit: Courtesy of John Seyfried

Dessane Cassell '14 (pictured at the Allen Memorial Art Museum) an art history major with a minor in Africana studies, will be teaching English in South Africa, thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship. While she might be far from campus, she's in good company with her schoolmates: each year, a number of Oberlin students receive awards that allow them to pursue their passions across the world. Oberlin students are also in Brazil, Indonesia, Columbia, Italy, and other places throughout the world, serving as English teaching assistants to those seeking a second language. They are in a mixed-media internship at New York University, and working in the lab at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Exceptional Research Opportunities Program. They are pursing a PhD at Cornell University, and is working as a business analyst for a natural foods start-up in Cleveland. In short, the academic achievements of more than 20 students – recipients of Fulbright and NSF Graduate Research fellowships, as well as, Goldwater Scholarships and many other distinguished awards – continues to propel Oberlin, everywhere.

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