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Iron Chef, Stevenson Style

May 3, 2017

Communications Staff

A chef and student work together in the kitchen.
Photo credit: Campus Dining Services

On stage in Stevenson Dining Hall and surrounded by more than 600 spectators, chefs and student participants competed in the Iron Chef Challenge: Oberlin College. The themed event, modeled after the Food Network’s television series, took place during the noontime meal. Two teams, organized by Bon Appétit chef Matt Krasnevich, had 60 minutes to prepare four dishes to present to judges. Students participants Hannah Cipinko, Josh Clemson, Henry Coe, and Max Robinson teamed up with the battling chefs for the competition. At the last minute, a secret ingredient—asparagus—was announced, and competitors had to incorporate the vegetable into every dish. The resulting meals included locally sourced pork tenderloin, shrimp salad, asparagus salad with feta cheese, asparagus soup, scallops, and asparagus muffins.

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