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A Gift of Peace and Understanding

September 11, 2015
Communications Staff
Tomoko Watanabe walks with Gavin Tritt and others in Tappan Square
Photo credit: Walter Novak

Tomoko Watanabe, founder of Asian Network of Trust- Hiroshima and co-founder of Green Legacy Hiroshima, walks with Gavin Tritt, executive director of Oberlin Shansi, and others in Tappan Square on the morning of September 8. Watanabe’s visit to Oberlin was part of a larger series of events that celebrated the hope for international peace on the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. As part of the celebration, Watanabe gifted Oberlin a ginkgo tree sapling grown from trees that survived the bombing. The sapling will be cared for by the college and later planted in the square.

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