Catherine Lytle Awarded Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in South Korea

May 17, 2019

Amanda Nagy

Picture of woman in beige sweater standing by a window.
Catherine Lytle will apply her language and teaching skills in South Korea.
Photo credit: Chris Schmucki '19

Beginning this summer, fourth-year Catherine Lytle will use her majors in East Asian studies and musical studies, as well as her skills in Czech and Korean languages, as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea.

Lytle says she applied for the Fulbright program in South Korea because the country reveres teachers and prizes education.

“The English Teaching Assistantship will allow me to grow not only as a teacher, but also as an individual who is cognizant of the ways diverse cultural practices can enhance learning,” says Lytle, who has lived in several different countries around the world, most recently in Prague, Czech Republic.

“My professors have taught me to think beyond teaching as an institution and more as a means of activism that passes on skills and instills empowerment. My musical and language training at Oberlin have also shown me possibilities for encouraging deep understanding and tolerance in cross-cultural communication.”

During her junior year, Lytle studied at Seoul National University. She was a Czech tutor in the language lab for three years, an officer for the Oberlin Korean Student Association, treasurer for the International Student Organization, an East Asian studies major representative, and a liaison for Asia House. She has also participated in Collegium Musicum and the Gamelan ensemble.

Lytle says she is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of Korea outside of Seoul. “Living in a homestay will also provide an immersive experience that would otherwise be hard to experience while living alone.”

Her Fulbright position begins this July and lasts through July 2020. She credits her achievements to the unconditional support she received from Oberlin faculty.

“They taught me to not sell myself short and to learn to take credit for hard work.”

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