2021: A Year in Photos

January 31, 2022

Yvonne Gay and Arisa Williams

A large group of graduates sit socially distanced on a field.
Seniors sit six feet apart on Dick Bailey Field during graduation exercises in 2021.
Photo credit: William Bradford

In this special year-in-review photo series we look back at how the campus continued to adjust to change during the pandemic, as it launched new programs and kept old traditions alive.


2020 brought about many changes for schools across the country as COVID-19 gripped the nation. While the "new normal" ushered in virtual learning and social distancing measures, Oberlin rose to the challenge. A three-semester plan reduced the number of students on campus, while cameras mounted in classrooms allowed for virtual and hybrid learning options, among many other changes. In 2021, Oberlin continued to adapt with COVID-19 safety protocols that went above and beyond to protect the campus community.  

In this photo series, we take a look back at some of the events that have shaped Oberlin's environment in the pandemic.

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