Ann Cooper Albright presents keynote talk and workshop in Seoul, Korea

November 21, 2016

Professor of Dance Ann Cooper Albright in October gave a keynote entitled "Moving with the Other: embodied research at the intersection of dance and anthropology" for the International Symposium of the Korean Society in Dance in Seoul, Korea. While in Seoul, she also gave a workshop in contact improvisation in the Department of Dance, School of Fine Arts at Kook-Min University.

Jim Walsh presents at Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics conference

November 14, 2016

Professor of Mathematics Jim Walsh gave a mini tutorial titled Conceptual Climate Models at the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics conference, Mathematics of Planet Earth Conference held in Philadelphia. SIAM mini tutorials are presented to highlight a future direction or emerging area within applied mathematics. Walsh also co-organized a mini symposium at SIAM MPE16 titled Mathematics and Conceptual Climate Models.

On October 18, Walsh presented his current research in the Mathematics of Climate Seminar in the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. In September, Walsh gave an invited talk in the Department of Mathematics at Boston University on recent work concerning a mathematical model of the glacial cycles.

Sheila Miyoshi Jager Appears on PBS American Experience Documentary

November 4, 2016

East Asian Studies Professor Sheila Miyoshi Jager consulted for and appears on the PBS American Experience documentary The Battle of Chosin—American-led United Nations troops were outnumbered and at risk of annihilation at the Chosin Reservoir by the sudden entrance of the People's Republic of China into the five-month-old Korean War. Available for viewing at

Sheila Miyoshi Jager publish review of Cold War Crucibles: The Korean Conflict and the Postwar World

November 4, 2016

East Asian Studies Professor Sheila Miyoshi Jager has published a review of Hajimu Masuda's Cold War Crucibles: The Korean Conflict and the Postwar World (Harvard University Press, 2015) in History: Reviews of New Books 44.5 (Jun 2016), 159.

Arnie Cox Publishes Book on Musical Meaning

November 3, 2016

Arnie Cox, associate professor of music theory and aural skills, has published a book titled Music and Embodied Cognition: Listening, Moving, Feeling, and Thinking (Indiana University Press, October 2016).

Taking a cognitive approach to musical meaning, Cox explores embodied experiences of hearing music as those that move us both consciously and unconsciously. In a pioneering study that draws on neuroscience and music theory, Cox advances his theory of the “mimetic hypothesis,” the notion that a large part of our experience and understanding of music involves an embodied imitation in the listener of bodily motions and exertions that are involved in producing music. The book is available at

Kirk Ormand publishes article

November 1, 2016

Professor of Classics Kirk Ormand published the article, “Divine Perspective and the Plots of Zeus in the Hesoidic Catalogue,” in The Gods of Greek Hexameter Poetry: From the Archaic Age to Late Antiquity and Beyond, eds. J. Clauss, A. Kahane and M. Cuypers (Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, 2016). Ormand’s article examines the literary trope — common in archaic Greek poetry — that Zeus began the Trojan War in order to reduce the Earth of its too-rapidly expanding population. In the fragments of Hesiod’s mythological poem, The Catalogue of Women (on which Ormand published a monograph in 2014), Ormand argues that we see a careful exposition of human heroes' failure to understand these events from the perspective of the Olympian gods.

Janet Fiskio and Md Rumi Shammin publish article

October 10, 2016

Janet Fiskio, Md Rumi Shammin, and Vel Scott co-authored the article "Cultivating Community: Black Agrarianism in Cleveland, Ohio," which appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of GASTRONOMICA: THE JOURNAL OF CRITICAL FOOD STUDIES.