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Drag Ball Committee

Held in the spring semester each year during Queerfest, the Oberlin Drag Ball invites both local and national drag performers for a celebration of queer culture. Drag Ball Committee is tasked with organizing this event, which is both one of the most popular and well-attended events on campus. 

Lambda Union

The purpose of Lambda Union is to pride a forum for the political, social, emotional, and educational needs of LGBT and questioning people in the Oberlin community. By organizing and funding various political, educational, and social events, Lambda Union hopes to advance understanding and respect.
Please contact for more information.

Oberlin College Lambda Union


The purpose of Lilac is to provide support for people who transcend gender norms within existing binary systems and to work to end gender oppression and transphobia. Lilac holds open meetings for anyone interested in organizing around transgender issues, as well as support meetings designed specifically for trans individuals.

The Rhinos

The Rhinos are the trans-inclusive Women's Rugby Team. They operate with very strong parameters of support, trans*inclusion and awareness, ad body positivity. All their practices start with check-in question and names and pronouns, allowing the team members to feel comfortable when a name or a pronoun change occurs.


ZAMI is a welcoming and supportive group for LGBTQ and questioning people of color. ZAMI also engages in political and social action through the publication of the ZAMI Zine. The group was formed in 1989 after a conversation with Audre Lorde following her Oberlin commencement address, and takes its name from the title of her biomythography.

The orgs below, while not currently chartered, have expressed interest in organizing or continuing their activities on campus for the 2016-2017 year. Those wishing to get involved with any of the orgs below are encouraged to subscribe to the monthly LGBTQ Community Newsletter for updates, or to contact the LGBTQ Student Life Coordinator for more information.

Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow is back! Reading Rainbow is a student book club that reads media featuring LGBTQ stories, characters, and authors. Their first book of the year will be Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta.

Queer Jews and Allies

Queer Jews and Allies is an organization for exploring Jewish and queer identities and advocating for queer rights in and out of the Jewish community.

Queers and Allies of Faith

QuAF encourages LGBT people of all faiths to explore the intersections of spirituality and sexuality. This group offers support to people struggling with questions about faith and sexuality, while also working to "create awareness of these issues ... and promote union between the queer community and religious communities."

Queers and Allies of Faith

LGBT Funds/Awards

The Norm Robertson Student Prize of $250 is intended to recognize and spotlight students who have completed outstanding projects of either scholarly research or artistic production/performance that advance communal awareness of issues related to the history, experience, or accomplishments of U.S. and non-U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender (LGBT) persons. The Robertson prize is co-sponsored by Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA) and the Committee on Diversity and Equity. A subcommittee of the Committee on Diversity and Equity oversees the awarding of the prize.

Please submit Applications , including a copy of the project, to the MRC and see the Robertson FAQ  and the Robertson Evaluation Form. The committee will be judging each submission using this rubric. Please contact for more information.

This is a new fund created to support the needs and activities of the LGBTQ community at Oberlin College and Conservatory. Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to apply. Grants will support projects including, but not limited to faculty development, scholarship assistance, research projects, conferences and symposia, film screenings, guest speakers, publications, outreach and education, recognition for exceptional contributions to LGBT life within the Oberlin community, relevant library and art acquisitions, physical resources, and emergency needs. While there is no maximum amount for each award, typically grants will range from $100-750.

Applicants should submit a detailed proposal and budget to the Downs/Korb Fund Grant Committee by email to Greg McGonigle at Proposals will be evaluated through the year on a rolling basis. Please direct questions to Greg McGonigle or Elliot Director.