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Accessibility Icons

Accessibility Icons are an important way to denote what type of event your guests will be entering into. Is this a closed event just for members of a particular community? Is there elevator access to the space? Will there be loud noises, bright lights, &/or strong scents in the space? Accessibility Icons allow you to easily communicate what to expect so that guests can make more educated decisions & plan accordingly if needed.

An icon from each category may not make sense for every event. You are welcome to use any & all of these icons based on what type of event you are putting on.

Do you have an idea for a new icon? Email us at to suggest one!


Little to No LightsAverage LightsBright LightsStrobe or Flashing Lights

Denote what kind of light your guests can expect at your event: little to no lights, average lights, bright lights, strobe or flashing lights.


Little to No SoundsAverage SoundsLoud Sounds

Denotes what kind of sounds your guests can expect at your event: little to no sounds, average sounds, loud sounds.

Closed Captions

No Closed CaptionsClosed Captions

Denotes if closed captions will be on: no closed captions or closed captions provided.

Physical Accessibility

Elevator AccessRamp AccessStair Access Only

Denotes how the space can be accessed: elevator access, ramp access, or stairs-only access.


Outdoor EventIndoor Event 

Denotes the location of the event: indoor or outdoor.


No Strong ScentsScents or Perfumes Used

Denotes if fragrance will be used: no strong scents or fragrance/scents intentionally used.


No WiFi AvailableWiFi Available

Denotes if there will be wifi: no wifi or wifi provided.

Presentation Notes

Paper Icon

Denotes if a presentation for an event has a large print, advanced copy available.