We have collected hundreds of personal narratives from students, alumni, faculty, and staff that explain the merits and strengths of Oberlin through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand.
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On cooking in a co-op

Neal Schindler ’01
“I credit my co-op experience with teaching me how to be creative in a pinch, and to make the most of limited resources, not only in the kitchen but in life as a whole.”

On birthday celebrations

Jocie Sobieraj ’15
“Had my roommate known that I had secretly always wanted to do a scavenger hunt for my birthday ever since my older sister had one when I was 8? Probably not.”

On making new friends

Christopher Ayoub ’15
“Our relationship began with laughter and silliness, and Kelin has been my dorky big sister away from home ever since.”

On the creation of Synapse

Veronica Burnham ’14
“With these two “I want to do!” and “I can do!” revelations, I was set on it - I would create a magazine for science.”

On her first job in television

Paula Gordon ’68
“Was I qualified? Well … if a passion for democracy, a work ethic honed by four wonderfully challenging years at Oberlin, and a hunger to succeed counted - and we could skip the part about what he...

On the Oberlin College Dialogue Center

Kantara Souffrant ’08
“[we work] with the hopes of building an inclusive campus-climate and global community where individuals can interact with each other earnestly ... and live amongst each other with a sense of...

On organizing a conference his senior year

Daniel Domaguin ’06
“[it was] an event whose legacy affects others and permeates the thought processes, ideals and actions of students who continue to advocate for Ethnic Studies, equality and social justice on campus...

On the energy of the arts at Oberlin

Adam Kander ’07
“This is Oberlin at its best. The constant performance, observation, and absorption of art in all its various forms. Oberlin is a place where art and creativity thrive, as long as there are students...

On spending a semester in Tunis

Rachel Colwell ’10
“Intrepid or crazy, there I was, jumping off the deep end, learning to swim, learning about other people and about how to be myself in a new place.”

On finding the lull in the storm

Lena Glickman ’15
“I have learned the value of quiet... that taking a break from thinking so hard to just feel for a moment is what makes me happiest at Oberlin.”

On leaving Oberlin and returning

Emily Nord McClintock ’76
“What I thought must be standard fare at all colleges - the excellent music, the spectacular art museum, the earnest students - proved not to be standard at all.”

On discovering the community of Afrikan Heritage House

Ambre Dromgoole ’15
“I had found a community that I knew would have my back, a community that I have now come to love and am unable to see myself without.”