We have collected hundreds of personal narratives from students, alumni, faculty, and staff that explain the merits and strengths of Oberlin through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand.
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On coordinating alternative spring break trips

Sylvia Woodmansee ’15
“I appreciate the drive of everyone in the IYS leader group and their willingness to continue reflecting and moving forward with our ideas and work. ”

On finding community

Nico Lara ’18
“For me, La Casa has been an important touchstone with which to keep in contact with my Latino heritage and language--all too easy to lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of pursuing academics and...

On finding his place at Oberlin

Jonah Berman ’03
“For me, the goal in truth was not to become the best saxophone player there ever was. It was to experience the incredible wealth of opportunities that Oberlin had to offer.”

On becoming a scholar activist

Cindy Camacho ’11
“With the help of my wonderful mentor, Daphne John, associate professor of sociology, I am able to use the academic tools that I have gained at Oberlin to fight the battles of injustice.”

On a day in the life of a double-degree student

Woan Foong Wong ’09
“I was congratulated by friends who had either attended my honors economics presentation or had played my piece in the orchestra... how impossible my life would have been had I taken my diverse...

On organizing a mentoring program in Lorain, OH

PJ Carter ’09
“The culture of Oberlin encourages students to get deeply involved in what they are passionate about and to make a difference.”

On her Winter Term in a Belgian refugee center

Katie Hart ’11
“As cultural and linguistic barriers melted away, each one of us was able to make valuable friendships with the staff and residents of this center that had opened its arms to us and welcomed any new...

On living a multifaceted life

David Lowe ’11
“I am a double major in law & society and sociology; I play varsity men’s soccer; I am heavily committed to acting; I produce music and DJ on a regular basis. Only in a place like Oberlin.”

On being a part of the Oberlin College men’s soccer team

Alen Cisija ’12
“We call it OC Love. We don’t play for ourselves, we play for each other. I am honored to stand side by side with every one of those guys.”

On reawakening an interest in accessibility

Rebecca Klein ’18
“As a Student Accessibility Advocate, my world at Oberlin expanded. I met new people just as interested in conversations about disability as I was, people whom I now consider some of my closest...

On playing Poppea

Lillie Chilen ’08
“It’s still hard to believe that as a lowly undergrad, I got the chance to play Poppea - opera’s earliest gold digger - and find the music that truly fits my voice.”

On visiting Greece

Eush Tayco ’09
“The beauty of the environment and the ancient sites we visited convinced me to keep studying Classics; I wanted to know more about who built the sanctuaries at Epidaurus and the temples at Delphi,...