• Assistant Professor of Anthropology


  • Bachelor of Arts, University Texas Austin, 1997
  • Master of Arts, University Arizona, 2000
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University Arizona, 2004


Jason D. Haugen received his Ph.D. in the Joint Program in Anthropology and Linguistics at the University of Arizona in 2004. His research focuses on the Uto-Aztecan language family of the western United States and Mexico, including especially the morphology and syntax of Hiaki (Yaqui) as well as comparative and historical Uto-Aztecan morphosyntax. He also studies linguistic theory (especially the interfaces of morphology with syntax and phonology); language endangerment, documentation, and revitalization; and the linguistic and cultural prehistory of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

His book, "Morphology at the Interfaces: Reduplication and Noun Incorporation in Uto-Aztecan", was published in the Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today series by John Benjamins Publishing Company in 2008, and his more recent work has appeared in such journals as "Linguistic Inquiry, Morphology, and the International Journal of American Linguistics".

Courses taught at Oberlin include: Fundamentals of Linguistics; Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology; Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; The Nature of Human Language; Language and Prehistory; The Native Languages of the Americas; and From Comanches to Aztecs: Cultural Transformations in Native North America.