Anthropology Students
Students working collaboratively on a whiteboard. Photo credit: Jennifer Manna
Program Type:
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Anthropology represents a broad field of study encompassing four subdivisions: cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archeology, and biological anthropology. Courses offer comprehensive approaches to anthropology’s diverse subject matter and provide an important component of a liberal arts education for both majors and non-majors.

Program Director

Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Department Affiliation

Jackie Fortino

Administrative Assistant 440-775-8970

Why Study Anthropology at Oberlin?

Gallaudet Exchange Program
Study Away Programs
Online Ethnographic Collection

Sample Courses

  • ANTH 101 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4 credits
  • ANTH 237 - Social Mirrors: Race, Class, and Sexuality in Popular Music 4 credits
  • ANTH 321 - Language and the Body 4 credits
  • ANTH 456 - Seminar in Culture Contact and Colonialism 4 credits

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