Office of the Dean of Students

About OC Votes

OC Votes provides a space to learn about the programming and participation opportunities at Oberlin College related to the 2020 election.

With a central commitment to the role of education in fostering vibrant democracy, OC Votes is designed to promote engagement with this election season using the academic and creative skills of a liberal arts and conservatory education. In particular, OC Votes examines the challenges to democracy posed by political polarization and explores frameworks for robust engagement with different perspectives that democracy needs to thrive.

This space provides two major pathways to engagement. The first represents efforts to increase voter registration and participation, as democracy flourishes when many voices contribute. In addition to opportunities to engage listed here, please continue to check Oberlin College’s Voter Friendly Campus Coalition website for ongoing information about voter registration and voter education in Ohio.

At a time of political polarization, distrust in news reporting, and social media echo chambers, OC Votes will showcase opportunities to think through and engage with the complex issues this election cycle has raised. Experts on particular subjects will be joined with artists and academics exploring what it means to be engaged with democracy. This programming will also highlight opportunities to develop skills in responding to differences of opinion and perspective with curiosity, passion, understanding, and a commitment to finding pathways for everyone to thrive. At a time when U.S. democracy may seem to be ailing, OC Votes commits to the responsibility of a liberal arts college and conservatory to foster the abilities to listen, learn, and remain in relationship toward the common good.

To learn more or to request that your events be added to the calendar, please contact