Supplier Management

November 29, 2023 10:15 AM

Office of the Controller

ObieBUY Supplier Management is the College's new automated supplier registration portal used to securely onboard new suppliers and make changes to supplier profiles. ObieBUY Supplier Management simplifies the supplier registration and management process by:

  • Enhancing supplier identification, registration, onboarding, and maintenance in real-time;
  • Providing secure transmission of personally identifiable information;
  • Creating detailed reports and queries; and
  • Improving supplier relationship management.

When using Supplier Management, you must first:

  1. Determine is supplier can be processed through ObieBuy (No employees or students)
  2. Verify vendor is not already in supplier management.
  3. If supplier is not in Supplier Management, send the supplier an invitation to join (instructions)

Once the supplier completes their registration, you will create the requisition. The workflow from this point is the same:
Requisition approvals, PO creation, PO approvals, PO comment “OK to Pay”, Invoice created, and Invoice paid.

Effective September 1, 2023, ObieBUY Supplier Management will be the sole method for supplier registration and management. For questions regarding the ObieBUY Supplier Management system, please contact ffusionp@oberlin.edu. Additional information can be found on the ObieBUY Supplier Management page located on the Procurement website.