Office of Communications

Using the Events Calendar

It’s easy to post an event. Your event should be of general interest and open to the campus community.

Localist is the college’s calendar service provider for promoting college and campus events. The Events Calendar is available to anyone with an Oberlin email account.

Log in to with your ObieID and password.

  1. Type in your event details. Do not copy information from another source unless it is a plain text program.
  2. Use the type-ahead feature for a drop-down list of campus locations and “?” to read help tips.
  3. Use the formatting bar to embed links to websites and email addresses.
  4. Use the drop-down list for event type and to see list of Oberlin departments, offices, and student groups.

Required Fields: event title, brief description, time, date, place, contact details, event type, and the sponsoring office, department, or student group.

Optional Fields: images (.jpg, .png), social media accounts, tickets, reservation, registration

When you’re done, hit “Add Event.”

Submit your event at least a week in advance. Allow up to three business days for event verification. We verify event submissions for spelling and completeness. You’ll receive an automated email notification once your event is approved.

Need to make a change? Forgot a detail? You can edit your event before or after it’s posted. Search for your event by title, date, or group. Make changes and resubmit. If you cancel your event, please inform the webteam so that we can update web pages that reference the event.Need more help? Contact .

General Calendar How-to

Required fields include event name, brief description, location, start date and time, cost if applicable, and contact person. Please include the email address or phone number of the contact.

  • For the sake of your audience, be courteous, descriptive, and informative. Keep descriptions brief; a paragraph or less.
  • Use the formatting toolbar to bold/underline/italicize text and hyperlink web pages and email addresses.
  • For accessibility purposes, resist the desire to use all caps and exclamation points. A descriptive title, image, and exciting details will draw the crowd, not capital letters or !!!.

Grayed-in text represents an example entry
System is smart: type a few letters to generate automated content

Our Localist calendar has a list of campus venues—residence and dining halls, libraries, concert halls, buildings, offices, and several downtown venues.

Use the type-ahead feature to activate the drop-down list of venues. Type in a few letters to display the location you want. Select venue and it will sync to Google maps. If inside a building, type in the room in the appropriate field.

Events that take place off campus that are not sponsored by the college or conservatory are not included in the events calendar.

Fill in the address field for events held off-campus that are sponsored by the college or conservatory.

Localist calendar offers three main filter types:

  • Event Type: Use drop-down menu to select from the list the kind of event you are promoting
  • Department: Faculty and staff should use the department drop-down menu to select the name of the academic or administrative department or office sponsoring the event.
  • Group: Students should use the group drop-down menu to select the name of the student organization or club sponsoring the event.

Should your department, office, or student organization/club name not appear in the list, let us know at


Upload an image file (.png, jpg) such as a poster,  speaker, or performer to help promote it. Otherwise, the system will default to an image of the event venue. Image must be 760 pixels by 570 pixels for best results. No pdfs.

Social Media

You can include twitter hashtags and URLs of websites and Facebook event pages.

My ‘Social’ Calendar

You can create a “me’’ page to review events you’ve attended, invite others to attend an event, upload photos, and more.

Share Widely

If you see an event you like and want to invite others, use the social media icons within the description. You also can immediately email the event or post to your calendar, Facebook. twitter, or other “share more’’ apps.

Use the search box to search by title, date, venue (place), or group to find an event you submitted. Use the search box to find an event or group of events sponsored by a specific group or department, or that are taking place in a specific venue.

You don’t havet to be logged in to use this feature.

Activate Your Account

Go to the calendar platform at . Log in with your ObieID and password to activate your account and each time thereafter.

Once you create your account, you will have access to all of the features and can submit events.