Center for Information Technology

Classroom Technology Equipment

Each classroom is outfitted with technology to support teaching and learning. There is one standard technology configuration.

Classrooms with a Basic Video Conferencing Configuration

Basic Video Conferencing classrooms have a camera mounted on the wall and microphone(s) suspended from/in the ceiling. You will connect your computer to a provided USB cable and then select the devices you wish to use (e.g., camera, document camera, microphone), and  within the video conferencing software of your choice (e.g., Zoom, Skype, Teams, BlueJeans, Google Meet, etc.).

How to Use a Basic Video Conferencing Room

Basic Video Conferencing rooms function separately from the AV system. If the USB hub or any of its interfacing parts (e.g., camera, microphone) were to fail, you could continue to teach your class locally without interruption.

Basic Video Conferencing Rooms cannot be used to share a Blu-ray or DVD during a video conference.

The overwhelming majority of classrooms on campus are configured as Basic Video  Conferencing rooms.

Classrooms with a Zoom Room Configuration

Zoom Room classrooms have a camera, microphone(s), a touch panel, and Zoom Room computer installed. They provide a fully integrated experience with a dedicated system to run a Zoom call and the ability to share content from any technology such as DVD/Blu-ray and document cameras. You will connect your computer to the classroom as you normally do, then begin your Zoom class meeting and join the room to the call.

How to Use a Zoom Room

Just two classrooms on campus, Dye Lecture Hall and Wright 201, are configured as Zoom Rooms.

Classrooms without Videoconferencing Technology

Audiovisual Services has a number of a portable videoconferencing devices called Meeting Owl Pro. It has a 360 degree camera, along with microphones and speakers in a single compact unit. For more information on how to check out a Meeting Owl, please open a support ticket using the CIT Tech Support Portal.

Classroom Technology Configuration Locations