Center for Information Technology

Our Approach

Our approach to delivering strategic and top-notch IT services is rooted in the following principles:

  1. Strategic Innovation: We deliver forward-thinking, innovative, and efficient IT solutions that align with the college’s goals by empowering our community with technology services and support.
  2. Partnership Excellence: Working closely with all stakeholders, empowering and supporting the Oberlin College community through effective use of technology to achieve the institution’s goals with excellence.
  3. Customer-Centric Service: We customize technology to serve the college community effectively.
  4. Proactive Maintenance: We prevent disruptions through vigilant monitoring, ensuring a seamless digital environment.
  5. Security, Accessibility, and Continuous Improvement: We prioritize data security, ensure accessibility for all, and adapt to the evolving IT landscape, guaranteeing a supportive learning, teaching, and working environment.