Campus Bulletin: Current Students, Parents

September Break and Early Arrival

August 18, 2021 2:15 PM

Office of Residential Education

Dear Obies,

I hope you are well and enjoying these warm summer days. We are getting ready to welcome you for fall. I am writing to share information about the request process for you to follow if you need September Break housing or need Early Arrival housing. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer an on-campus storage-only option for the September Break period.

  • September Break requests due on or before Friday, August 27, 2021.
  • Early Arrival requests due on or before Friday, September 10, 2021.
    • Move-in for incoming first-year Conservatory/double-degree students and pre-identified cohort program participants is Tuesday, September 28.
    • Move-in for incoming first-year Arts and Science students is on Wednesday, September 29.
    • Returning students may move into housing starting Friday, October 1.

Summer 2021 Early Arrival—due by Friday, September 10.

This year, Residential Education is offering some opportunities for students who will be living in college housing this fall to return to the Oberlin Campus earlier than their move-in date. Requests will be reviewed and decisions made on a first come, first served basis - so submit your request asap. The price will be $75/night. A meal plan is recommended, but not required. This Early Arrival offer is extended to students who:

  1. Are not enrolled for the summer term,
  2. Are registered for the fall 2021 term,
  3. Have made the required payments for the fall term,
  4. Are not living in OSCA housing or off-campus, and
  5. Have a special circumstance making it important for them to be permitted to arrive earlier than the scheduled move-in date.

Examples of special circumstances are: [a] unvaccinated students who lived or travelled outside the United States are required to quarantine for 7 calendar days before attending classes or orientation, [b] any student who is coming to Oberlin from a country currently impacted by war or other violence or [c] for student employment in an Oberlin office or department that serves incoming students during Orientation dates.

More information and the form are available online

September Break Housing for Summer Students —due by Friday, August 27.

If you currently live in college housing and will be living in college housing for fall 2021, you may request to remain on campus for the month of September until the fall 2021 term starts. Note—summer students living in Village Housing will need to vacate their summer room on or before September 3 and move into Barrows Hall for the September Break. Requests will be reviewed and decisions made on a first-come, first0served basis. The form to request to stay for the September break is available here.

The prices for housing and dining for students who are approved to remain on campus between September 3 and October 1 is $100 per week for housing and $86 per week for dining [3 meals/day]. A meal plan is required for September break housing.

Important Notice. During the September Break, you will need to be on campus and prepared to move into your fall room assignment within 24 hours of the notice that it is ready. On a case by case basis, some transportation service for moving from one building to another will be available.

No Storage Only option for students’ possessions. Oberlin College is not able to offer a “storage only option” for summer students’ possessions. There are storage facilities in the community and a student will need to make arrangements directly with the storage company.

Support Funds for September Break and Early Arrival Students: Support funds are available to assist students with demonstrated financial need to pay for break housing-dining, early arrival housing and/or an off campus storage location—please see for more information on requesting support funds.

If you have any questions, please contact the Residential Education office.


Andy Sadouskas, Ph.D.
Director of Residential Education
Office of Residential Education
Oberlin College and Conservatory