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William Passannante ’14

Good morning!

It may or may not be morning where you are right now. That's okay. If the sun isn't rising outside your window, it's rising outside of someone else's.

My name is William Passannante, and I'm your host in this corner of the blogs. I'm from New York — not the city, but a suburb thereof. I love to act, write, read, take pictures, think, move, and live in general. My major is currently undeclared, but I'm interested in the humanities (specifically creative writing, English, and theater) and am probably going to double major.

I've only been a student at Oberlin for one and a half semesters, but I love it here.

All people are, to a certain degree, strange. There are three kinds of strange people. Actual strange people, people who are strange but don't do anything with it, and people who are strange, but in the best way possible. The third kind of people harness their strange-energy to drive them and do awe-inspiring things. As with any other place, all three types of people call this school their home.

But dadgum, there have been many close encounters of the third kind.

(Banner photo by Luke Passannante)

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