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Why Choose Oberlin?

March 27, 2013

Dara Lehrer ’16

Today is April 1st. This day may seem like nothing more significant than April Fool's Day to most people, but to many high school seniors, April 1st holds a special significance-- April 1st signifies the official start of when their college acceptance (and/or rejection) letters start rolling in. Soon, all of the hoping and waiting and dreaming will turn into deciding and organizing and planning. For some of those people, the decision of where to go to college is obvious. For others, it isn't a decision as much of a financial assessment of what schools are most affordable. If you're somewhere in that in-between category, though, and have little more than a month to decide where you'll be spending the next four years of your life, and have received an acceptance letter from Oberlin, then read on. This post is for you.

"So why did you choose Oberlin?" is a question I've gotten asked a lot. For me, my answer has always been something along the lines of, "because they have a circus, and I can cook my own food, and it's small."

That's just my own little conversational snippet, though. And really, it's pretty specific to me. Choosing the right college is different for everyone, so I've created this flow chart in the hope of accounting for most kinds of people. Please don't base your college decision entirely off of this, but do keep in mind your "flow" when the time comes to bite the bullet and send in your decision.

So there you have it, folks. An overly simplified, non-comprehensive flow chart that should in no way be the basis of your college decision, but that nonetheless may be helpful. Happy choosing!

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