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The Weather Here: A Summary

November 22, 2013

Andres Cuervo ’17

Note: I have decided to keep these posts interesting, but short form. Enjoy!

I'm from California. I didn't come unprepared; I didn't come never seeing snow; I definitely didn't come without some understanding of what I was getting myself into. I know it's not yet the frozen coffin of winter that I've heard about, but I have to say: the weather is quite unpredictable. There are a lot of great posts about what to pack for Oberlin on these blogs, so I'll take a different approach and convey what it feels like. Let's just take a look at the weather last month:

That little cloud moving across one day is supposed to be fog ... I hope you can tell now.

The fog and light snow and rain and cold aren't weird, but how can they keep alternating like this‽ (Sidenote: no, it's not a glitchy character - the punctuation at the end of the last sentence is a combination of a "!" and a "?," called an "interrobang.") Really, I feel like this most days walking through the new and unexpected weather-y aftermath:

I guess that's just my "Welcome to Ohio!" and I wouldn't have it any other way.*

* I lied - sorry - I'd probably have it be California weather ....

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