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Ty Diringer ’14

Hello there!

Glad to have you here. I love writing as much as the next person, and it’s always nice to be able to know that someone out there besides my mother is reading it.

A little about me—I help direct Oberlin’s entrepreneurship programs as the Entrepreneurship Fellow. I graduated in May 2014 as a politics major and decided to stick around for the year.

As a student, I was involved in a few different aspects of campus life. I helped launch a couple of non-profits and small businesses, hung around the politics scene, and participated in conversations with the Dialogue Center. There were a couple other items in there, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll simply direct the curious to my LinkedIn.

I’m excited this year to help reignite the Creativity and Leadership Program and LaunchU. C&L is Oberlin’s campus-focused entrepreneurship department, and we offer classes, mentorship, grants, workshops, and speakers. LaunchU, a separate entity, hosts Oberlin’s annual LaunchU Venture Accelerator and Pitch Competition—a three-week venture bootcamp that culminates in a pitch competition for $50,000 in assorted prizes. My goal for this year is to define “entrepreneurship” to Oberlin as a broad concept—the mindset and skills that help you create change in the world.

If you have any questions about entrepreneurship at Oberlin, or the town or college, feel free to shoot me an email at tdiringe@oberlin.edu.

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