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Time Management (Sort of?)

November 8, 2013

Andres Cuervo ’17

Disclaimer: I procrastinated writing this post, so I'm obviously not a role model for this subject.

So, I'm crazy busy. In fact, Oberlin students are notoriously busy. For example, I tutor in between in my morning and afternoon classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I also help out at Du Bois Fractions Club on Tuesday afternoons and work with a visually impaired man in the morning on Thursdays. And those are just my Bonner commitments!

I'm not saying I don't enjoy these commitments, they're all uniquely rewarding, I'm just saying that sometimes it feels a little like this:

This is my phone. A calendar opens on the screen. A new event shows up, then another, then more, until the whole image is covered in new events. (Animated illustration.)

So, instead of writing a blog post, I decided I'd finish off this week's post with a couple comics, since that is what I've been trying to lead up to:

Time: A Short Comic (4 panels). 1, Waiting for it to end (a clock with hands that are trying to move but seem stuck in place). 2, When you don't care (a clock with hands moving somewhat). 3, When you're late (a clock with hands moving fast). 4, In a time machine (the clock hands are squiggly and move all over the place).
The last panel should read: "In a time machine," oops ....

How to Get Work Done (4 panels). 1, Sit down (person at a desk with computer). 2, Organize (a written list: Thing 1, Thing 2, The Cat, The Hat). 3, Work (so, um, I don't actually know how to draw this...if I hadn't procrastinated, maybe I'd have an idea. The moral of this comic? Try your best not to procrastinate.) 4, Get results (a hand showing thumbs up).

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