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Things that have kept me distracted recently

January 27, 2009

Chris Gollmar ’10

Here, for your reading pleasure, a list of recent distractions. I share this because sometimes being a college student is about more than studying—it’s about how you keep yourself from studying.

  1. Library books. I am currently reading at least six books. I am not sure what they are all about, but they are all checked out from the main library under my name.
  2. Library DVDs. Easier to read than library books.
  3. Eating. Yum.
  4. The Oberlin Review. I will be the Review’s production manager this semester, which means I’ve been frantically trying to piece together a copy editing schedule. For some reason I also decided our style guide needed an overhaul, so I’ve been putting in quite a few hours just trying to get off on the right foot, even before I’m getting paid!
  5. XML. I’m sort of teaching myself about importing and exporting XML code in Adobe InDesign. Sounds cool, huh?
  6. Trans allyship workshops. OK, that was just tonight, but it did keep me from watching a DVD (see above). It was totally worth it, however, to go to the Trans 201 workshop offered by the Multicultural Resource Center. I even picked up a great handout on non-trans privilege and another on forms of white privilege specific to trans and gender-variant communities. Honestly, this was far more productive than I would have been otherwise.
  7. Shoveling snow. I should ask my housemates how they feel about shoveling snow. I’m guessing they just don’t like doing it, and that’s why I’m the only one helping keep the front walk clear. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, though: maybe they just don’t know how.
  8. The Internet. I apparently subscribe to 46 feeds in Google Reader. Will I have time to read these blogs when the semester starts? Do I have time to read them now? No. I also do not have an Internet connection at my house yet, so I tend to stockpile hours online during the afternoon. This is not conducive to actually getting any work done.
  9. Coffee. I love it. Just bought some beans the other day. Brewing it myself not only saves me money, but it also prevents me from developing a caffeine habit too early in the semester, since I don’t actually get out of bed early enough to grind the beans, heat up the water, brew the coffee, and then drink it all before lunch.
  10. Sometimes going to the gym. The gym’s shortened break hours don’t especially agree with my general policy of not getting out of bed until 11 a.m., at which point it’s pretty much time for me to go to lunch (see previous entry).
  11. Winter Term. My project? Yeah, it will be done by the end of the week.

As an addendum, I will also say that I am horrible at multitasking. Absolutely horrible. Therefore, I prefer to only undertake any one of the above-mentioned tasks in any given day. I find that this generally prevents any confusion in my daily routine.

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