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Testing, testing

December 12, 2008

Prof. David Walker ’72

Hello? Is anybody out there?

The new blogs have been up for a little over two weeks now. The students have been busily blogging away, even in the face of the end-of-semester crunch, generously sharing little pieces of the Oberlin experience for the delectation of the wider world.

And what's that we hear in response? Crickets. Nada. Zilch. The only comments so far, with few exceptions, have been from other bloggers. Clearly we're enjoying reading each other's posts and getting to know one another (those we don't already know) online. But it's starting to feel a little, you know, inbred. If it were just about talking to each other, we could do that in the DeCafe. We hope prospective students have discovered the blogs, but we just don't know for sure. We'd like this site to feel more interactive, to hear from readers--assuming there are any out there--about their reactions, their observations, their questions about life at Oberlin. It would sure make blogging easier and more fun to know that we aren't doing it in a vacuum.

So here's a little experiment. I'd like to ask everyone who reads this who ISN'T on the blogging team to post a comment. Just say hello, or tell us why you're here, or pose a question you'd like me or one of the other bloggers to try to address. We're all new to this admissions blogging business, so it would really help to get a sense of who is reading the blogs and why.

We hope you'll get in the habit of responding regularly, but for now, just take this tiny step. Thanks for listening.

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