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November 15, 2013

I figure as a first year I have the most relevant "wisdom" (insights?) to offer to incoming students since I was one just a few months ago. With that in mind, because Spring registration has begun here on campus, I'll share my thoughts on Fall registration as a first year.

First, some tips:

  • If you're planning on a major with a lot of prerequisites or course requirements, consider taking a couple classes for that major freshman year to really decide if it's for you. If it is, you'll already be on your way to getting that degree!
  • If you're unsure about your major, take the time to find classes and professors that have good reviews coupled with topics that might interest you.
  • When registering for classes on campus it speeds up registration exponentially if you have the Course Reference Number (CRN) beforehand because PRESTO is not, exactly, the best user experience.
  • This week I figured how to get the rest of my point across as a comic (read: I procrastinated less!) Enjoy.

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