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Sophomore Year Playlist

December 21, 2015

Emma Davey ’18

I've often made playlists to attach to blog posts, but this time I thought I would shake things up a bit. What if I used the playlist as a way to document my semester, and explain why each song was chosen? I'm constantly listening to music, but these were some songs that particularly stood out to me.

Put Your Number in My Phone - Ariel Pink

This song played during my one time at TGIF this semester. TGIF is something I heard of as a prospie, and I assumed I would be partaking in it all the time. I can count on one hand the number of times I have participated. It's essentially where on Friday in the late afternoon, people lie out on Wilder Bowl (the green space in front of Mudd) and Chill Out as someone DJs. When I went, the DJ played this song, and it totally matched my mood. The weather was nice, the grass was comfortable, and I felt truly at peace.

Words and Guitar - Sleater-Kinney

Man, oh man, what can I say about Sleater-Kinney. I saw them in Cleveland, and it was definitely a highlight of my year. They played a cover of the Ramones' Christmas song and they closed with "Modern Girl" and the audience was in dire need of a hug after that. I read Carrie Brownstein's memoir over Thanksgiving break, and you know what I found out? Sleater-Kinney played a show at Oberlin in 2000 and guess who the opening act was? THE WHITE STRIPES! Both bands were invited to a college party, and when they showed up to the house, they got turned away!!!! Y'all!!! I can't even believe what kind of a school we go to!

Space Song - Beach House

What's chiller than Beach House? Nothing, probably. Many a time when I was stressed out, I played this song, turned off my lights, and just lay on my bed, trying to forget my troubles. One of the members of Beach House went to Oberlin, so do your part to support alums!

Other Side - Beat Happening

I think Beat Happening is pretty underrated, and I played some of their songs on my radio show. I remember listening to their album "Black Candy" as I took a walk around town, and it was a very nice moment. If you plan to take a walk in the near future, and you live somewhere with nice weather, I suggest Beat Happening in the background to keep you company.

Fifty-Fifty Clown - Cocteau Twins

I had a radio show this semester called "Hangin' With Winona" because I love Winona Ryder and 80s music. My show was mostly 80s (and some 90s) alternative rock, which is a weird genre, because what even is 'alternative'? Anyways, the only two bands that I knew for sure that Winona Ryder liked were The Replacements and Cocteau Twins. Which was great, because I too enjoy those bands. I think I played something by Cocteau Twins nearly every show. This one is my favorite off of their album "Heaven or Las Vegas." I have no idea how their song titles relate to the songs, but what can you do? I'm sort of tempted to call up Buzzfeed and have them make a quiz called "Cocteau Twins song title or The X-Files episode?" because they both seem to be a lot of strange words.

Chainsaw - The Ramones

About a month ago, I finished Marky Ramone's autobiography, appropriately titled "Punk Rock Blitzkreig" and let me just tell you - it's a damn miracle that band stayed together for so long. So I've been listening to their first few albums a lot and this song stuck out to me like never before. It's so short and therefore demands repeat listening, but like the best of the Ramones, it's insanely catchy and has 60s throwbacks. Plus, the way Joey Ramone says "massacre" is amusing.

Chinatown - Girlpool

I listened to Girlpool a lot this summer, and I was jazzed when I found out they were gonna play a show at Oberlin. The whole album, but especially this song, makes me very emotional. When I saw them in concert, I also got very emotional. Most of the bands I see at Oberlin, I have a casual appreciation for, so it was nice to see a band that I had been a fan of before hearing they were playing a show here.

Cool Schmool - Bratmobile

Dismayed at politics/the general state of the world during fall 2015, I listened to my fair share of riot grrrl because what better music to listen to when you're angry in a feminist sort of way? This song also described my feelings toward school at certain parts of the semester. Look, y'all, Oberlin's a challenging school. Sometimes being here fills you up with such riot grrrl rage. I love it immensely, though.

That's it y'all! If you need a music recommendation anytime soon, hit me up! Happy holidays!

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