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Some Winter Terms!

December 13, 2014

Andres Cuervo ’17

My roommate, Ashley, had a wonderful idea for a blog post - just ask people about their Winter Term projects! We always hear the buzz about people using Winter Term in wildly different ways; that Winter Term really shows the best of what Oberlin students have to offer. Inspired, Ashley asked people about their Winter Terms and I've collected them into a sort of feed, with images that (sort of) illustrate the project. Without further ado, here are some things students at Oberlin will be doing this January!


text: Volunteering at a Chinese library. image: Person pulling a library book from a shelf


text: Studying harpsichord in France. image: An open French harpsichord


text: Creating interactive online poetry exposing the connections between public perception of bodily functions and the natural world. image: Drawrf mous on a pink blanket


text: A diary in comics. image: Romance comic novel cover

Claire & Dana:

text: Reading graphic novels about identity and writing a graphic novel about her identity. image: Selected page from the graphic novel Persepolistext:. image:


text: Working in an attorney's office with domestic violence cases. image: Gavel and book on a wooden desk


text: Social media intern for Liberty People in Brooklyn. image: Various social media icons and logostext:. image:


text:Going to Cuba. image:text:. image: Image of the Cuban flag.

Sarah Jane:

text:Researching Black Mountain College in archives. image:text:. image: Grayscale image of Black Mountain College.


text:Teaching Russian class . image: Outline of Russian with the colors of the Russian flag, white, blue, and red, transposed over top.


text:Studying African art at Allen . image: Image of the Allen Art Memorial Museum


text:Interning at IHeartComix. image: IHeartComix logo


text: Learn to play acoustic guitar. image: Image of a black and white acoustic guitar


text:Writing a novelette about Chipotle workers and a straight-edge punk revival on the moon. image: Image of the moon with a Chipotle logo and a straight edge design transposed over it.


text:Volunteering at a community crisis center. image: Hands holding a model home.


text:Creating an automated grading system for the computer science intro classes. image:Screen capture of a snippet of computer code.


text:Reading about connections between midwives and the witch trials and the rise of the Western medicine industry. image: Book cover for a work titles Witches, Midwives, and Nurses.


text:Statistical analysis of humor in cartoons using 10 popular kids cartoons.. image: Image from popular children's cartoon Adventure Time with a character reading a sign that reads: You really smell like dog buns.


text:Studying veganism. image: Assorted fruits and vegetables.


text:Overhauling the SWAP Oberlin Book Co-op website.. image:Screencapture of the current (as of 12/13/14 01:21:00PM) website layout in full HTML/Javascript rendering at bookcoop.org.

Hope you have a good

holiday season!

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