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A Simple Declaration

November 17, 2015

Kameron Dunbar ’19

Like my mentor Alex, I'm excited to say I've blown the declaration trumpet.

From the first day I arrived on campus, I was greeted with the usual questions: "Where are you from? What are your hobbies? etc..." Both of these were usually followed by something along the lines of "What are you studying and/or what do you want to major in?" I've always responded with "Politics."

I came to Oberlin with the intent of studying politics. I've always been infatuated with government and social governing structures. I love engaging in political discourse, discussing top candidates and pressing legislative issues. When time came for class registration, I chose two politics courses--both of which I find very interesting and am happy to be in.

To some, declaring is a huge deal. Many wait until the very last minute to declare, taking lots of time to discern. Others have told me that they're afraid of the commitment. With my interests, the decision to major in Politics was a simple one; the process was even simpler. In my eyes, it was really just filling out a simple form.

Some look at me in awe and/or surprise when I tell them I've already declared as a first-semester, first-year student. The way I see it, though, is that I know where I want to go, and have an idea of how I'm going to get there.

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