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Sean Norton ’25

Howdy! My name’s Sean, and I’m from Ithaca, New York. While Oberlin can’t beat Ithaca in terms of sheer waterfall count, I have a lot of love for the fields and orchards and the countryside surrounding the town.  

I’m a second-year Archaeology major and I’m planning to get a Computer Science minor. I’m interested in all sorts of things, but lately what’s been gripping me is of course archaeology, but also large-scale, interactive media. I’ve been very into generative audio-visual performances and installations, both large and small, and the tools and techniques needed to achieve them. 

Outside of class, you can usually find me all over campus, be it in the pottery co-op teaching my ceramics Exco, baking bread for 120 people every week in Harkness, clowning around with OCircus, or studying in the plant-filled AJLC building. I am first and foremost a potter, but I enjoy many flavors of making, and I founded the Oberlin Glass Club here on campus to get students involved in glasswork, be it stained or hot glass blowing! You may also see me zipping unsteadily around on the sidewalks, as I’ve taken to wearing rollerblades to class instead of shoes. It works better than you might think! 

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