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February 21, 2010

Karl Orozco ’13

The past two weeks at Oberlin have been ridiculously hectic. I was lucky to have a very pain-free registration for the first semester, but this semester was full of changes, shifts, frustrating waiting lists, and chasing down professors for signatures. But after scrambling to finalize my schedule, I am pretty stoked about this coming semester.

Intro to Sociology - I have this weird trend of picking classes with professors of Filipino descent. Well, at least for my two semesters here. Introducing Rick Baldoz: He's got a monotone voice, a dry sense of humor, and kick-ass taste in music. Really, though, we spent the first class discussing our favorite bands. Also, I don't know if this is me just being creepy, but I think that he looks like me. Especially pale, medium-long length hair, black-rimmed glasses... yeah. Sounds like me. Does anyone else agree?!

Principles of Computer Programming - Basics of Java Programming, which initially sounds really boring, but Tom Wexler makes writing code really fun. I am actually toying with the idea of possibly majoring in computer science (as well as studio art) with an intent on working closely with animation and web design. But who knows!

Intro to New Media II - I've been working on web design on and off for a while, but I am really excited to get a more complete understanding of HTML, CSS, and Flash. And then I can make websites! Fun websites! And fancy websites! And my own website!! Oh man, I am such a nerd...

"Wow, Karl," you might be thinking. "Three intro classes? This is what you're excited about? Where's your 'Problems in Intermedia/Drawing: The Nature of the Abstract'? Or 'The Art of the Margins: Individualists, Eccentrics, and "Extra-Ordinary" Artists in East Asia'? Hmm? Hmmm!?"

Calm down, calm down, calm down. Not to take anything away from my other classes (because I happen to love all my intro classes as well), but what I am really excited about is this:

A private reading on stop motion animation with Brian Doan.

Yeah, be jealous! In case you have never met Brian Doan, he is ridiculously cool. Awkward too, but in the cutest of ways. Imagine argyle sweaters with pinstripe buttondowns and patterned ties on a slightly pudgy blond comic book fanatic. Yup, that's him. My private reading will consist of watching examples of stop motion animation and reading up on the history of stop motion. In addition, I'll be studying more techniques used and create another stop motion movie. Could I ask for a better class? (Rhetorical question, but if you want an answer anyway, the answer is "no.") I already have a couple of sweet ideas brewing, but I'll save this conversation for another blog. Get excited!

As you can tell already, I am going to be spending a whole lot of time in front of a computer this semester. My already poor eyes are going to hate me for this.

Of course, I am already working on a bunch of new silkscreens, as well as this other mysterious design-related activity that I will touch on in a later blog. Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

(Man, I get cornier and cornier...)

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