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Olivia Huntley ’22

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

rediscovering home, political theory, poetry, embroidery, baking tasty things, self and community care, visiting art museums, transformative justice

Hi all! I’m Olivia (they/them/theirs) and I am a second-year student from Reynoldsburg, Ohio (a suburb right outside of Columbus!). I’m a politics major and creative writing double major.

I spend most of my time at Oberlin doing readings for my classes and participating in Zami, OSLAM, and Abusua. Zami is a cultural org for LGBT+ students of color. OSLAM is Oberlin College’s slam poetry group! It consists of a competitive team and two clubs. Finally, Abusua is Oberlin College’s Black student union. I’ve also worked as a tutor for America Reads and Shule (school in Swahili) at Afrikan Heritage House. Each organization I’m in provides me with an incredible, inspiring community on campus. The friends I’ve made help motivate me to stay curious, keep questioning, and continue creating. From traveling to Houston, Texas, to late-night sing-alongs, the experiences I’ve had with my friends energizes me. I hope that the amazing energy and opportunities I’ve had during my time at Oberlin can inspire you! 

Most days, you can find me wandering through the Allen Art Museum, hanging out in dorm lounges, or doing embroidery in my room. If you see me around on campus or really resonate with a post, feel free to say hi! I hope you enjoy my blog. 

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