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Oh my god finals.

December 12, 2010

Christine Chang ’13

The closer I get to portfolio due dates and exam dates, the more I think about being other places - traveling abroad, going home, or hiding in those last five minutes of sleep just before lecture. In the course of writing this entry, one of those exam dates has already passed, so I'm thankfully 25% done. At least there's that.

What's interesting is that I'm constantly taking what I like to call study breaks, but are really study delays, because little studying happens before and after these "breaks". I have discovered, though, that ramen relieves stress, even if temporarily - as does a brief ranting session with friends, even if it only involves a litany of reasons to worry about x course.

I'm currently taking a break from flashcarding organic chemistry mechanisms, which I hope will help, although I really should have done this earlier - somewhere on the scale of three months earlier, in fact. It's sort of like cramming the acquisition of a foreign language into one day a few hours. In any case, I thought I would take a break to wish everyone good luck on finals! May you all be less stressed and less up a paddle-less creek than I am at the moment.

smile and be hungry.

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