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October 15, 2014

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

Today's a very special day, everyone!


Well, it's the eve of my tenth year of blogging. On this day a decade ago, I found myself angst-ridden and across oceans, weeks into my junior year of high school, and constantly turning to the internet for maintained friendships and connections with the mainland. On the 16th of October, I decided to dive feet-first into the world of online content creation and started my first blog on Livejournal. That was one of the best/worst/best choices I could have made, and look at where it got me to now. Oh, how the choices we make in our past influence our lives today.

I've spent the past ten years voluntarily and involuntarily writing about what my life is and was and will be, and much to my delight, there are others out there who are excited to do the same, too. And luckily for us, many of those creative sharer types grace the Oberlin blogs with their presences as well.

As you might have noticed earlier this afternoon, we've added a whole ROCKING crew of bloggers to the Oberlin blogs this year. For a brief introduction: we've eight new bloggers from the class of 2018, including Christie, El, Emma, Grant, McKinley, Rachel, Radia, and Tom. We also have a delightful smattering of returning students new to the blogs as well, including Esther '17 , Hannah '15 and Davis '16 (our second blogging duo), Molly '16 , and Samantha '17. So many! So much awesome! AHHHH.

Between all our new bloggers, expect to hear more on intersections, disability, the south, living, history, the conservatory, musical moments, adult-ing, new things, baking, self portraits... and possibly about a million more things.

Okay, that's all. I could gush on about how fabulously interesting and creative each of these new people are, but #realtalk: they're just going to show you better than I could ever tell you.

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