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My "Must Have" College Items List

August 17, 2015

Samantha Smylie ’17

Hello Future Obies,

Well, I know you guys are packing up and heading to Obieland and you are probably looking for a list of things to bring to Oberlin. Since you asked, you shall receive. Here is my list of recommended items to bring to Oberlin.

•XL Bed Set
•A Pillow (or two if you want)
•A throw blanket

•Lamp (Buy extra bulbs)
•Desk Organizer
•Pencil/Pen Holder


•Posters and/or pictures of your family and friends from back home (if you want)
•Wall Decals
•Bring Adhesive wall strips and hooks (Command Strips)

Misc. things for your dorm room
•Trashcan (hopefully you use it for recycling purposes)
•A mini fridge
•A full length mirror
•A fan (or two)
•A mini vacuum or a broom and dustpan
•Hanging Sleeves for your closet (you might need extra space for clothes)
•Laundry Bag or Hamper
•Door stopper

Bath and Beyond
•Towels (Body and Face, I brought two of each)
•Shower robe
•Shower caddy
•Soap or body wash, Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, powder THE WORKS.
•Shower Cap
•Mouth wash

•Get a computer, if you can afford it. If not, there are computer labs all over campus.
•Cellphone - hopefully with Verizon Wireless or you will not be able to call anyone back home.
•Power strip(s)
•Chargers for all electronics
•An External hard drive for your computer. Just in case your computer breaks and you need to transfer your files to another computer.
•TVs/Video Game systems (if you want, I'm not into videos and I use the TVs around my dorm).
•HDMI (or you can rent one from Mudd)

•A light jacket for fall
•A winter coat
•A rain coat
•Rain boots
•Snow boots
•Gym shoes (if you exercise occasionally)
•Business attire
•Clothes that you like to wear everyday
•Clothes that you like to wear when you want to spice up your wardrobe
•Under garments (socks, underwear, bras)

School Supplies
•Notebook (I never used all 90 pages in a notebook, so maybe you should get a small one)
•(Mechanical) Pencils
•Calendar and a planner
•Sticky Notes
•Post-it notes (of all sizes! I just really love them)
•Book bag
•Paper clips
•Scissors (Wayyyy more important than you think)

Legal Documents
•Copy of Social Security Card
•Bank account information
•State ID and Driver's license
•A copy of your birth certificate
•Debit Card or Credit Card

First Aid Kit
In my freshman year, my roommate brought a little medical kit to school and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. This is highly recommended because the Oberlin flu starts to fly in October and ends in April - you need to be prepared to fight it off.
•Cough syrup
•Cough drops
•Pain relievers
•Antacids and/or acid reducers
•Allergy medicine

To be honest, I think that you should bring the most important things to college with you -especially if you are taking a long road trip to Oberlin - like clothes, shoes, jackets, legal documents and important photos. You can buy everything else from stores in surrounding areas of Oberlin, in Oberlin at Walmart, or ship it from amazon and other online stores. I know this list might not seem like a lot to some or a lot to others, but you are the only one that knows how much you can afford and what will make your dorm feel like a second home. Have fun, decorate, and welcome to Obieland. Can't wait to see your faces in the fall.

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