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Kittens. That You Can Touch!

October 17, 2012

Mya Ballin ’16

Orange and white kitten peeks out from a colorful hammock.

There are kittens. Kittens that you can touch. A FIVE MINUTE WALK AWAY FROM CAMPUS. How awesome is that?

A black and brown kitten looks very serious.

A black kitten rests on some blankets.

A gray and brown kitten sits on the floor of the enclosure.

Upon learning this past summer that there were kittens right near campus that were being taken care of as they awaited adoption, I was excited to be able to visit them. My first week here alone, I went to the Community Action To Save Strays (CATSS) kitten headquarters located in the Ginko Gallery about four times.

Three kittens go for the food bowl.

A small orange and white kitten is dwarfed by the pet bed they're resting on.

Believe you me, I will be there many, many more times before the year is up.

Two kittens wrestle, one with its mouth hanging open.

Aside from having to be organized and having someone who is a relative stranger sleep in the bed next to you, the strangest thing for me about living in a dorm (or in my case a co-op) is not having pets.

A person holds a kitten in their arms.

A kitten explores the top of a cardboard box.

I have grown up with having at least one cat in the house, and for the past 6 years, a dog. As a result, the distinct lack of furry friends roaming around my living quarters is quite sad. The other thing I noticed more recently, however, is the fact that it also leaves me more stressed.

This kitten appears to be posing for their senior portrait.

As far as schedules go, I have a relatively busy one. And it's been especially difficult because I have been both sick and dealing with depression.

A black kitten's mouth is open with tongue hanging out.

Lucky lucky me, however, has already found a stress reliever, and it comes in the form of the adorable little fuzzballs that temporarily live at the gallery. (I even have given myself and excuse to visit by volunteering with CATSS as a photographer.)

This kitten looks serious behind some blankets.

As the year progresses, I know that being able to visit the kittens will be a great way for me to relax for a while, even if I bring my homework with me. Finding that one thing I know will always keep me calm was pretty much the best thing that could have happened to me so far. Working for them as a volunteer photographer is just my cover... Whenever I need to relax for a bit, take a break from an essay, anything, I pack up my camera and my teddy bear Boris and head over to Ginko.

In their cage, one kitten rests their head on another's back.

My hope is that my ability to cope with being in a new and different environment is something that will get stronger as the semester progresses.

A fluffy white, orange and brown kitten looks up, squinting or perhaps winking.

An orange and white kitten with eyes wide open is being held and petted.

Until then, I'm more than happy to just hang with the cats.

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