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Mya Ballin ’16

Hello! Hello! My name is Mya and I am from Mountain View, California (about an hour from San Francisco). Here on campus, I live and eat in Tank Co-op.

My most notable love is photography (well, duh, I'm photoblogger). More often then not, I find myself with my camera in front of my face at parties, events, sports games, and even just walking around Tappan Square. I even shoot for the athletic department! If you ever see a relatively short girl with a red raincoat chasing after something shiny, you can pretty much bet that it's me.

Outside of photography, however, I have many other passions, most of which I am able to engage in on campus. I love everything I do, and I love being busy. It also means that my love for coffee is something that definitely has come in handy. Here we go... I am a layout editor for The Oberlin Review, a member of the Preying Manti—the women's ultimate frisbee team, a tenor with the Collegium Musicum—a choir here that specializes in medieval, renaissance, and early baroque music, a secondary harp student, a member of Hillel, and, hey, I'm an Oberlin blogger! RUN ON SENTENCE ALERT, but admittedly I had no idea how else to list things.

In what spare time I have, I have fallen in love with NPR, the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, the poet Sylvia Plath, the YouTuber Ze Frank and the painter Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec.

While I'm new here to Oberlin, I already know that it is a place of opportunity. I hope you enjoy my perspective on this little bubble of college life.

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