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Intro: Summer Stories

July 6, 2015

Molly Gorin ’16

Bonjour, sweet readers. It's been a while.

So you're reading my blog (thank you, by the way). Maybe you're a prospective student, browsing the blogs to see if this is the right school for you. Maybe you're a recently accepted student, already eagerly packing your mandolin and your pet cactus and waiting for the moment you can drive off to Ohio. Maybe you're one of my mom's friends and you clicked on the link on her facebook page (I know that you've been waiting for a shout out).

No matter who you are, you're probably wondering what Oberlin students do over the summer.

The time that a student spends at Oberlin covers only three quarters of their college experience. Less, when you take winter term into account. The summers are long, and we Obies have the time we need to get up to all kinds of learning, work, and general buffoonery. So I'm going to make a small series of summer posts so you can follow along with what I, a genuine cage-free, organically grown Oberlin Student, am up to.

This is a bit of an unconventional summer. Lots of students do one big thing for the summer - a job, an internship, a class, a trip abroad. I had been planning on following a more focused three-month path until about two weeks before the year ended, when I realized that I had no solid plan. At that point I decided to use my last college summer to do nothing, and everything. I'm wearing a variety of hats this summer, and I'll try to post once about each one, for a full scope.

So click on throughout the summer for updates on my many summer projects. Some cryptic hints*:
•A month-long program to become a certified __________.
•A few nights that are intents. (Get it. Like intense, but also like in tents. Born comedian.)
•A job in which I both take out the trash and own a tuxedo.
•Classes during which I rarely touch the ground.

Ready, set, go.

*Cryptic partially to be intriguing, partially because I don't know what all of them will be yet.

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