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Indecisiveness: An Oberlin Tradition

February 11, 2011

Griff Radulski ’14

Halfway through add/drop period, I have yet to attend two of my classes. I'm happy with a class I expected to drop, and a class I was dreading as a necessary evil looks like it'll be, well, kind of awesome.

I am assured this is normal and that I am not to fret. I believe it - after all, one famous Oberlin grad came to study neuroscience and left with a degree in American history through folk music. As a humanities buff with two science classes and a tragically unrequited love for NSCI 101, I might be heading in exactly the opposite direction.

It's not exactly that Intro to Neuroscience doesn't love me back. It's just that it can never be. With so little history between us (read: I haven't taken the recommended prerequisite) and so many qualified suitors, I shall have to delay our courtship until the autumn. However, I am registered to take a class on the Qur'an in the same time slot, and I've heard the professor is phenomenal.

Viewed from the infinitely wiser perspective of Thursday afternoon - after my first Intro to Qur'an lecture - life right now is a series of just as wells. As in, it's just as well that I can't get into NSCI, because this class on the Qur'an is going to be ridiculously good. It's just as well that our interim discussions* aren't going very quickly, because every day we're attracting more and more people. And it's downright fortunate that I forgot my Obie ID on my desk yesterday and had to walk back from the library to get it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met my Winter Term sponsor on the sidewalk and taken care of the paperwork that turned out to be due today.

I'm avoiding making too many decisions right now - there's time, and we're all still settling in. Meanwhile, I'm giddy to be back. I missed having everything I could possibly need just a ten-minute walk away. I missed the way the sun falls across Keep's lounge in mid-morning, perfectly warming my favorite armchair. I missed the sleepy-eyed good wishes: "Good morning, Griffafa!" "Good morning, Merylu!"

My classes seem pretty promising, too. With Psych 100, Bio 102, a class in Spanish Communication and Conversation, and the Introduction to Qur'an, it's turning out to be a well-rounded semester. It's just as well that the wind is freezing and the temperatures occasionally dip below zero, because otherwise, life here would be, well, a little too perfect.

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*Interim discussions: a phrase enough to make a veteran OSCan tremble in zir Birkenstocks.

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