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I'm not usually this scatterbrained

February 1, 2009

Chris Gollmar ’10

It’s been hard falling asleep the past couple nights. I have a lot on my mind, which I guess I already blogged about, but it merits repeating.

And I should probably be in bed right now, resting up for my first day of classes, but I’m not.

I might be taking on more than I should be, seeing as it’s my first semester at Oberlin in over a year, but it’s still less than I had on my plate my previous semester here, fall 2007. Sixteen credits, working at the co-op, and a position at the Review. That’s not too much. But then there’s also a vocal ensemble and the ExCo I’m co-teaching. Shouldn’t that be manageable? And when am I going to go to the gym?

But what has really driven up my anxiety level in the past couple of days is just the fact that everybody is returning to campus after spending their own Winter Terms every which way. So I keep running into friends that I haven’t seen since who knows when. Okay, it’s not just that; it’s also that classes are starting tomorrow, and I’m not taking easy classes this semester.

I’m scatterbrained right now, trying to keep track of everything. This usually only happens to me about half-way through the semester. This time around—for various reasons—it’s happening before the semester even begins. We’ll see how it goes.

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