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Have a Non-Hetero-Normative Halloween!

October 29, 2012

Charlotte Ahlin ’15

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Larger version of image 1 of 3. Transcription follows.

Transcription 1

A non-gender-conforming person looks annoyed at the costume on a hanger: a witch’s hat, black corset, high heels, and bows. They say, "So, the scary thing here is that we’re still stymied by a patriarchical gender binary?”

Caption: I’ve always been a fan of Halloween. Although I have a feeling it’s not the most popular holiday around Oberlin for some reason.

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Transcription 2

Anyway, I guess it’s a good thing we don’t dress up as what really scares us. (Following is a list of words, each paired with a drawing.)

  1. Failure (a feminine girl)
  2. Enclosed spaces (a person with a cardboard box over their head)
  3. Heights (a person walks on very tall stilts)
  4. Loneliness (two people: one just looks sad, and the other looks sad while holding a jack-o-lantern candy bucket and wearing the word “oblivion” hanging around their neck.)

Larger version of image 3 of 3. Transcription follows.

Transcription 3

Image 1: A partially lit face in the dark says “Are you...”

Image 2: The face moves closer. “Scared yet?”

Caption: No? Oh well, there’s plenty to enjoy about fall in Ohio without rubber masks and high-fructose corn syrup. Enjoy the soggy squelch of leaves underfoot, and be wary of high winds and apathy. Happy Halloween!

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