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Grant Goehring ’18

Hello! My name is Grant Goehring. I am a first-year Obie, and part of the class of 2018. I am originally from Lodi, California, which is a relatively small town outside of Sacramento.

My academic interests here at Oberlin include economics and history (I enjoy mixing the two). Outside of my coursework I enjoy bowling. Oberlin has a bowling team — yes, I was shocked too — which I compete on. I can be found at Slow Train (a wonderful coffee shop here in Oberlin) frequently with a latte and the electronic subscription of the Times on my ipad. I also try to attend as many convocations, lectures, and seminars as my schedule permits. I also enjoy listening to baseball games on the radio; I still stream my local AM station which announces the San Francisco Giants’ games.

I hope my blog posts provide you with an interesting perspective on Oberlin and all it has to offer.

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On Seminars

October 15, 2014

I have enjoyed attending guest lectures, convocations, and seminars immensely, and I try to fit as many into my schedule as possible.