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A glorious return: Commencement Week shenanigans

June 3, 2009

Alice Ollstein ’10

There's a flower shop on S. Main that writes a different name on their sign every day, and if you are blessed with that particular name, you get a free flower. I had never seen my own name until this past Commencement. It was just one of the many simple pleasures and happy moments of the week.

I came back for Commencement to see my boyfriend graduate, but also to make a few bucks working for the Oberlin Review's commencement issue--a compilation of the entire year's top stories, plus whatever breaking news popped up in the last days of the school year. Without classes, coops and clubs to bog you down, it's amazing how much editing you can get done in just a few days. With my co-editors, we busted out a 16-page section in just a few days, and apart from a few stressful moments all was merriment in the office. Another perk is that the College is renovating all of Burton dorm, in whose basement sits the Review's office. No more grimy floor! No more clanking pipes! Windows that actually open! I can't wait.

Stacks of the commencement issue waiting to be delivered into the eager hands of parents and alums.

Another important task that week was to visit the off-campus house I'll move into in the fall. It was even more lovely than I remembered. See for yourself!

After touring the house once more with my future housemates and arguing over which room would be whose, we set off for a nearby antiques store to hunt for treasures with which we could fill our new abode. Here's an example of the random things one might find:

The next day, we set off on bikes with members of the Oberlin Bike Co-op for Chance Creek. It's ten miles each way through beautiful, and very flat, Ohio farmland, and while most people drive to get there I think it's a shame not to bike. The sun was hot and the creek was cold and we spent a beautiful day lazing around.

As you can see, Commencement Week is always glorious--a chance to earn some extra money, see dear friends and enjoy Oberlin without all the stress of the school year. I greatly enjoyed my last obligation-free Commencement... I myself will commence next year!

Responses to this Entry

Hello! I've enjoyed reading your blog, and it's gotten me quite excited for my scheduled visit this month. Speaking of said visit, I have a few questions: First, you've suggested coming alone. Any tips on convincing your parents you're not going to be shooting heroin with college students while killing hookers? Second, where should I visit? Would you mind showing me around? If you're busy, do you know anyone who'd mind? I'm sure I'll think of some other questions later, but I've already given you a solid handful of em'. Thanks in advance!

Posted by: Cameron L. on June 5, 2009 11:12 PM

Hey Cameron,
Thanks for reading, and glad you're excited about visiting Oberlin. As for ditching the parents, just be honest and say you want to absorb it independently and come to your own conclusions. But I understand that they want to come too. After all, they'll be shelling out the big bucks for the place! Maybe you could work something out where you're together for a day and apart for a day.

I won't be around in Oberlin this summer, but I know several great people who will be, if you want me to put you in contact with them. Just e-mail me at alice.ollstein@gmail.com and I'll set you right up.

Posted by: Alice on June 9, 2009 12:06 AM

Hey, nice green hair clip. What awesome person gave you that?

Posted by: Shira on September 4, 2009 12:27 AM

Hello! I've enjoyed reading your blog, and it's gotten me quite excited for my scheduled visit this month.

Posted by: Genç Odası on July 15, 2010 6:49 AM

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