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October 11, 2009

Marsha Lynn Bragg


My name is Marsha Lynn Bragg. I am a member of the Web Team in the college's Office of Communications. I have a degree in journalism, and have worked as a beat reporter, assignment editor, assistant editor, magazine writer and editor, and a plenty of other titles to describe my various writing, editing, and project management responsibilities.

I have lived and attended schools in Ohio most of my life. In between I have traveled around the country and even spent time abroad. Yet, it seems I am wedded to the Midwest and my family's roots in Ohio.

Oberlin is a welcome change from the city and the hectic work environment that I had a few short months ago. I worked in University Marketing and Communications (or UMC) at Case Western Reserve University, a research university in the University Circle neighborhood, and a cultural hub in Cleveland. I now make a daily commute from Cleveland's east side; something I never thought I would do and for many years grateful my jobs were 15-20 minutes from my home. My drive is 45 minutes no matter which direction I travel. Most days, it's a straight shot from my door to the office, taking winding backstreets through three Cleveland neighborhoods to get on I-90 and westward to Oberlin.

With coffee in hand and perhaps a bowl of cheesy grits and eggs, I venture onto the highway that will lead me to my office on West Lorain Street, a space our office shares with the college's investment office and student health services.

Most days on the highway are thankfully uneventful. I may spy the occasional road kill, the CVS Good Samaritan van, the MD-80 overhead coming in for a landing at Hopkins International Airport, or the police officer standing near his cruiser parked in the all too conspicuous spot along I-480, armed with a radar detector hoping to deter drivers in excess of the 60-mile speed limit.

When I applied to write a blog as part of the blogs.oberlin.edu project, I did so because I wanted to contribute commentary from a unique perspective: as an outsider. I don't live in Oberlin nor was I raised here. I didn't go to school here nor received a degree from Oberlin. Nor am I a current student, an admissions officer, a faculty member, or an administrator. I am, however, married with teenagers, a staff member, and someone who's worked in higher ed communications for almost 12 years now.

Away from work, I enjoy attending varsity soccer games, going to concerts and plays, watching old black and white movies, journalling, walking, reading (mostly teen novels these days), teaching third- to fifth-graders in Sunday School, and listening to gospel, jazz, and inspirational music.

Each day in Oberlin offers a fresh experience that is not colored by memories of time or place. I hope to be able to share some of these fresh experiences.

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Marsha! I'm so excited you're blogging! Please post pictures of the office once in a while. (or maybe a short tour of the new office!?)

Question: what teen novels are you reading? PLEASE SAY TWILIGHT! Or at least that you have read them. If not, OMG OMG OMG OMG. So deliciously terrible and amazing.

I like your picture, too.


Posted by: Lillie on October 16, 2009 4:38 PM

Marsha I don't even know how to do this comment thing and the date on the above is 2009. Today is May 20,2010. I think of you often and especially this Sunday May 16th. I was asked to give the commencement address for MSASS. What an honor. How exciting.
How long have you been at Oberlin? But you still live here in Cleveland? Your kids are teens now, wow. My grandsons who walked with me are now towering above me and Nikolas graduates from Lincoln West next month.

I hope this works and you read it and perhaps respond.
Peace & Love,

Posted by: Joan Southgate on May 20, 2010 9:14 PM

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