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September 21, 2009

Joe Dawson ’12

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Oh, hello there. I was just thinking about some of my favorite things here at Oberlin. Oh, I delight in hairless monkeys, Cathy comics, putting rubbing alcohol in my eyes, but above all, there are a few great places to hang out in Oberlin that have made their way into my 'favorite things' category. So to hell with bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens! Check these sweet spots out:

A messy dorm room with clothes on the floor and cluttered surfaces

Ah, my room. It's a single, which is great for my people-phobia. It's a single, so it's not great for my claustrophobia. As you can see, I just cleaned it...


The columns in front of the door at the Allen Art Museum


The Allen Memorial Art Museum is truly an impressive sight. It's where my dad spends a lot of time when he comes for Parents' Weekend and stuff. Honestly, Oberlin is unlike a lot of bigger campuses in that the buildings themselves are not made to be really impressive or huge, but this place has some really cool stuff.


The door at the Allen Art Museum with a sign taped to it


This sign says "Art Rental has sold out." They sure have. Art Rental won't even play in their own hometown anymore without the owner of the bar where they first performed paying them like 40% of the door. The museum is going to be renovated soon, but someone please tell me that I didn't miss out on my chance for art rental and that the museum isn't going to be closed until after I graduate. Art Rental is a decent band name, if anybody wants to pay me to use it.


A group of students sitting at a table in Stevenson Dining Hall


Now some Obies choose co-ops, some cook their own food,
But for the true Yeoman, there's no eatin' as good,
As that in the hall named for one Willie Stevenson.
Have chicken that's grilled, or burgers covered in cheese n' sin.


A table level view of a students sitting at a table in Stevie. In focus are two peaches and a Nalgene water bottle


More Stevie, the place of hopes and creams. Like cream of mushroom soup, creamed corn, whipped cream for your pancakes. If you're outside the dining hall and you think about it, read the plaque on the south end of Stevie about William Stevenson. This guy was super busy as an Olympic athlete, a lawyer, a diplomat, and a college president. And he did it all without limbs*. Incidentally, those peaches in the picture are pretty suggestive, huh?


A student playing the piano in a conservatory practice room


I have mentioned before my affinity for the conservatory's practice rooms. Mostly I just sit in them and listen to the talented people play cool music around me.


A student studies at a table in a very windowy, bright Science Center atrium


The Science Center atrium (technically named Perlik Commons, I think). Big windows, lots of tables to lie on, comfy chairs and couches. You can find me at one of the tables doing the NYT crossword puzzles many mornings. I saw Osteel perform here once on Parents' Weekend and this place was packed to the roof (not really) with students and parents, most of them trying to dance in the 2 and a half inches of personal space they had left. It was amazing.


A view of wilder bowl from an upper floor of Mudd library. It is a sunny day and the grass is packed with lounging students


Wilder Bowl, the most popular site for lounging on warm Friday afternoons on campus. This particular TGIF, I was the only one on the third floor of Mudd, so I wasn't severely shushed for the terrific noise my camera's shutter was making.


A student pays for their food at the decaf check out


Decafe is a tiny grocery store in the basement of Wilder, complete with a smoothie bar and sandwich place that both create tasty amazings every time I go there. If I'm hungry between (or during) mealtimes, this is my one stop shop for munchables. There are a LOT of lightbulbs in this place, so don't say I didn't warn you. I miss you late night hours, come back please.


The author posing for a selfie in front of an empty mailbox. His hand rests on his chin and he has a contemplative look


Coping with an empty box in the good ol' mail room. You would think it gets easier to deal with after it's happened a few times, right? No, not right. Whenever I get a blue slip, meaning there is a package for me at the front desk, I make a big deal out of it. "A PACKAGE? For MEEE? Why, who could have wanted to send little old me a package? OOOOhhhhh goodness I almost dropped my blue slip! What a clod I am! Better go pick up my box of 1,000 condoms! Ha! Just joking," this continues for about five minutes before I proceed to pick up my cactus-gram.


A view of the water at the arb. The water has a mirror effect of the cloud filled sky


Finally, the arb. While I usually run around this lovely plot of land in my nylon shorty shorts and running shoes, it's a great place for general walking about, picnics, and photo-walks. The ponds are super pretty, and as of last spring you could see a hawk family in a tall tree near the bridge in the evenings.

That's all, folks! Feel free to holla back with some of your own favorites!

*Not verified

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