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An Even Simpler Declaration

March 9, 2016

Kameron Dunbar ’19

Today I officially submitted the form declaring my minor in Rhetoric and Composition!

I love writing, which may or may not be evident through the blogs. Coming to Oberlin, I knew I wanted to invest in becoming a better writer. Yet, I didn't want to major in English (and I don't think anyone would argue it's the only way to achieve such a goal). In researching other means I came across the Rhetoric and Composition Department. I decided to take a course offered by the department, Writing for Social Justice, and was immediately sold. The minor is not too heavy, only requiring four courses. The department offers courses on but not limited to college writing, digital and literary journalism, tutoring across disciplines, and grant writing. The department also facilitates the Writing Associates Program (which I'm hoping to join). I'm looking forward to diving deeper in the discipline!

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