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Ella Isaguirre-Bersola ’16

Hello! My name is Ella and I am a first year here at Oberlin. Before Oberlin, I grew up in Sacramento, California. When I was looking at colleges, going to school far away was definitively something I was considering. To me, however, far away meant New York, Boston, or some other big city; little did I know I would end up doing my schooling in small-town Ohio. But even less did I know, I would end up finding the most ideal, undeniably perfect place to spend the next four years.

After about a semester and a half at Oberlin, I have taken enough classes to have an idea as to the subjects I am most interested in, and those that will take much longer for me to understand. So far, I have gathered that politics, international relations, and Spanish are my primary academic interests. I say primary, however, because I hope to explore my other interests while here at Oberlin, like dance, other languages, and when I muster up the courage, science.

After committing to Oberlin and before moving here, I asked myself, “what can I do in a such a small town?” I have come to realize that in a place as small as Oberlin, there is a lot, if not too much to do. So, aside from school, I have weekly rehearsals with Oberlin’s all-female a capella group, Nothing But Treble, I spend time with friends, take trips down to the arb, occasionally attend awesome concerts and dances, and much more. With that on top of schoolwork, I constantly have something to do, and end up wishing for more naptime — I really am grateful though, that the universe decided to put me in such a wonderful place.

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